The above image is a representation of just some manufacturers in which Convergint Federal Solutions (CFS) is a certified reseller, dealer and/or a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of. CFS places great emphasis on maintaining a collaborative working relationship with manufacturers and product distributors. CFS has established dealerships and/or Reseller/VAR agreements with most of the major security product manufacturers, IT product manufacturers and all the major distributors. CFS also maintains a high level of trust, reliability and credibility with them all.

With that said, it is important to mention that clients wishing to purchase security systems should make sure that the company in which they are purchasing from are in-fact a certified dealer, reseller and/or VAR or that they are at least partnered with a certified dealer, reseller and/or VAR. This will help mitigate risk for the below reasons:

  • Certified dealers, resellers and/or VARs have agreements in place with the manufacturers that offer: technical support, price discounts, updates to firmware/software and certification
  • Without the support of a certified dealer, reseller and/or VAR you run the risk of not being compliant with manufacturer regulations for warranty purposes
  • Certified dealers, resellers and/or VARs invest a lot of time and money having their staff trained and certified. Therefore, we know what we are doing.
  • Would you want someone installing a system at your establishment that has not received manufacturer training and/or certification? How do you know if it was installed properly?

Important Note: All CFS designs are reviewed specifically to verify the source of manufacture of all products, particularly those with software and/or firmware components.