linear2It is Important not to Forget the Physical Side of Cyber Security

Physical security of data networks has become the backbone of defense against the threat of tapping sensitive information, detecting intrusion/unauthorized monitoring, and resisting denial of service attempts to the data cable plant. SigNet has unique capabilities and options of equipment & engineering methods across the complete spectrum of known attack methods, with the expertise to gain visibility into emerging threats, and information assurance software to gain intelligence into the future of intrusion attempts. SigNet is the one source for all approved Protected Distribution hardware, and certified for compliance with all manufacturer & Government specifications. We follow SIPRnet guidance per NSTISSI 7003 offering wall mounted lockable PDS systems, visually Hardened Carrier systems, Alarmed Carrier PDS for above ceiling & below floor deployments, complaint OSP links between buildings/Campuses, and Secure Passive Optical Network(PON) options.

SigNet is unique in the ability to create Network Monitoring IP integration of these systems, optimized for each different end user group. SigNet can design these as stand-alone, network based response protocols, or adapt compliance to existing IP architecture. We work within all standard interfaces to COTS Network Management Systems, including the facility security system IDS. SigNet customized solution development options enable specific SOP-driven software management of Secure Network infrastructure to be created for any specialized customer needs.

Services for Military/Government classified Network users:

  • Risk assessment & requirements development for all levels of use environments
  • Compliance expertise to create approval documents & fulfill processes/procedures, all branches
  • Budgetary analysis of available options
  • Operations & maintenance cost presentations
  • Operational Training & Certifications
  • Design Review, materials list, and acquisition support
  • Installation services
  • Systems support & IT Integration
  • Documentation tools to support future inspections