FICAM is important. FICAM, when you ask others, may be a set of regulations or guidelines as in the FICAM Roadmap. FICAM may be a group of people as in the Federal ICAM Sub-Committee of the CIO Council.

Well, I think that FICAM is both. FICAM is the sub-committee and the guidance produced by the sub-committee. Both are important.

The Federal CIO Council, , has a sub-committee call the Identity, Credential, and Access Management sub-committee or ICAM-SC (pronounced ICAM-See). This group is referred to as the FICAM. FICAM, the sub-committee, are a group of people that are working hard to help the community understand the requirements of the regulations and deploy systems that meet the intent and the letter of the regulations.

FICAM, Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management, are the disciplines that allow an agency to provide the proper individuals the access to the right resources at the right time for the right reason. The assignment of permissions is discussed in detail on the web site. Go to the ID Management web site,, and select About FICAM in the banner.

When people talk about getting on the Roadmap, yes, there is a specific document that is is bieng referenced. While at the web site, grab a copy of the FICAM Roadmap, FICAM Roadmap and Implementation Guidance and a copy of the updated presentation about the Roadmap, FICAM Roadmap Update Presentation. These documents will help you understand what is expected of FIPS 201 complaint systems and the work that needs to occur in order to deploy systems, both physical and logical, in an approved manner.