Our Quality Policy

“We will consistently provide products, services and solutions that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We will actively pursue ever improving quality, through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.”

Our Mission

SigNet works with clients to deploy physical security solutions that utilize the levels of technology to reduce or mitigate the client’s risks and the greatest return on investment over the life of the system. “We adopt our client’s mission as our own”, partnering to provide solutions and services to protect assets, people and critical infrastructures from potential risks. Our goal is to help our clients drive maximum results from their investments by enhancing the productivity while reducing capital requirements and operating costs over the life of the systems we provide.

Our Vision

SigNet has gathered a team of dedicated employees with expertise in the design, installation, operation, support and monitoring of information technology and physical access control systems. SigNet shall bring an understanding of current information technology and physical security technology to ensure our organization maintains the highest levels of expertise in the technologies required to design, deploy and support the solutions that our clients need to mitigate their risks and comply with regulations and requirements. The constantly evolving nature of IT, physical security solutions and government regulations require that SigNet continuously invest in the education and training of employees. The constantly changing nature of technology requires that we, as an organization and as individuals in the organization, be aware of current technology and the development of new technology and how these changes affect the mission of this organization.

Partnering is critical to our success. We share both the risk and reward with our fellow contractors. We believe in developing long-term relationships with strategic partners.  As a result of this, our range and depth of capabilities increases and allow us to better serve toward a common mission.

We are driven to continually improve performance. Understanding the difference between effective and efficient, we look for ways to add value to the relationships with our customers and partners.  This means that we go beyond simply getting the job done. The bar is set for complete satisfaction.


Value Proposition

Some would say that there is no “trick” to being a successful systems integrator. However, SigNet definitely has a few “TRICKS” up our sleeve. That is our value proposition listed below:

Teamwork:  We will work diligently together and with others to achieve the objectives of the team in a manner that reinforces the merits of the team, and we will assist others whenever we can.

ReputationWe will conduct business in a manner that maintains the excellent reputation that we enjoy and have worked so hard to achieve.

Integrity:  We will maintain an open and honest working environment and will not violate the trust that we have developed with our clients, business partners, vendors, and colleagues.

CommitmentOnce agreed to, we will perform all that is necessary, and to the fullest extent possible, in order to achieve desired results.

Knowledge: Our knowledge and experience with physical security and information technology systems are unsurpassed by none. Because of this, we are able to solve problems, develop solutions and streamline processes.

Systems: We offer most of the sought after major brands used in the physical security and information technology markets. Because of our great reputation with our vendors we are able to capture extreme savings and buying power.

Experience – All program leaders have many years of proven experience.  All employees are accredited professionals with most continuing higher certification

Knowledge – Engineering, security, IT and administrative certifications include US top tier industry standards, special trade skill licenses, as well as, those for ISO and EU standards

Cost – Size and overhead structure enable innovative offerings, flexibility to accommodate unique relationships and to sustain long-term presence. Vendor neutral technology applications drive best value

Responsiveness – We are agile and able to be most anywhere on short notice, stay on the job and remain without burdensome bureaucracy

Reputation – Clients like us.  We also have excellent relationships with Fortune 200 companies across various market segments.  They rely upon us for task performance and recommend our services based on quality, ethics and dependable delivery.   We are on time and on budget.

Customer Focus – Our intent is completely based upon the customer needs instead of product capabilities

Unity – SigNet plays well with everyone in the sand box

No Surprises – Open, transparent processes, collaborative approach

Efficiency and Integrity – Lean, Flexible, Responsive