linear2Deciphering today’s most compound and mission-critical challenges to protect your business and your bottom line

In a multifaceted economy where being competitive means survival, the cost of not being well-versed is too high. SigNet has been providing business owners and facility operators with superior service for many years. As proven via a wide array of clients, SigNet has the experience and technical expertise to provide you with advanced electronic systems that keep your employees and assets safe and secure. SigNet also stays up-to-date and fully supported with the latest in integrated security systems technology. SigNet can offer everything from stand-alone alarm systems to fully-integrated systems. Our commercial customers include various sizes of companies from an extensive variation of industries and business types. Below is a sample of the vertical markets in which SigNet services:

  • Commercial Buildings and Sites
  • Industrial Plants
  • Enterprise or Corporate (National Accounts)
  • Energy and Utility Distribution
    • Power Plants and Office
    • Oil Field and Gas Infrastructure
    • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
    • Aviation and Airports
    • Marine and Seaports
    • Train Stations
  • Borders and Customs
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Manufacturers
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Financial Institutions and Credit Unions
  • Diplomatic Facilities
  • Religious Centers
  • Public Venues
  • Food and Beverage
  • Property Management
  • Chain Accounts
  • Educational Campuses
  • Multi-Tenant Buildings (Residential and Retail)

Our management, engineers and technicians at every level are well-seasoned and adaptive to accomplish deadline driven commercial projects with positive results. We perform as a Prime Contractor or, when required, we partner with Engineering Firms, Consultants, Electrical Contractors and General Contractors to fulfill and meet the requirements for all types of integrated security projects. No matter what your business, scale of operations or geographic location, SigNet offers commercial security solutions that keep your employees, assets and reputation safe. As one of the nation’s most trusted security partner, SigNet delivers the next generation of security solutions, world-class service and real-time monitoring. We transform systems integration with comprehensive, advanced security services tailored for the complex needs of today’s businesses to optimize security, interoperability, efficiency and Return of Investment (ROI).