linear2A Solution for Every Aspect of Your Integrated Security Needs

SigNet provides services and solutions worldwide to a wide range of government agencies as well as other organizations. SigNet services a range of markets including: military installations, civilian branches of government (federal, state and local), and all types of industrial and commercial occupancies consisting of: religious centers, public venues, property management, educational campuses, energy and utility distribution, transportation, borders, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, financial institutions and diplomatic facilities.

SigNet brings demonstrated, technical experience within the commercial and government environments, specializing in the design, integration, installation and maintenance of Electronic Security Systems (ESS), Force Protection Security Systems (FPS) and Infrastructure Protection Systems (IPS) along with other synergetic systems and sub-systems. Our unmatched team holding most of our industries leading certifications as well as many years of industry specific experience, continues to deliver the highest level of service and quality.

The best extent of SigNet’s success is our client’s success. If you have a specific challenge to address, please let us help you. That is our track record, “Solving the security related problems in which others cannot”. SigNet has the superior knowledge, expertise and experience that qualifies us to provide solutions for a wide variety of critical protective requirements across a vast array of sectors and industries that typically cannot be addressed by common security companies.