“A Culture of Employee Empowerment Promoting Excellent Customer Partnerships”

SigNet Technologies enjoys an excellent reputation with our clients, business partners, and employees for delivering outstanding technical and professional services within budget and on or ahead of schedule. We are a solutions-based, process driven company striving daily to continuously improve our performance across all aspects of our business. SigNet has a rich history of delivering quality products, services and solutions to a diverse set of commercial and government clients, resulting in numerous awards and accolades. Just as our name suggests, SigNet (as in the history of the SigNet rings) offers the Authenticity of Quality and the reliability that we will do what we say we will do. That basically translates into, “Whatever it Takes”.

Many variables affect the integrity of Information Technology and Security efforts.  There really isn’t a single, one-size-fits-all fully integrated solution.  It requires a thoughtful, mobile and innovative approach as well as a “Think Outside of the Box” culture. SigNet is the remedy. We are very diverse and agile which allows us to grow with any programs in which we perform on. Key Focal Points I’d like to make are:

  • At SigNet we know business and we know IT and Security operations as well as the implications of decisions that must be considered in making choices
  • At SigNet we focus on real requirements using proven guidelines and unified scope
  • At SigNet we collaborate with industry partners to build client confidence and develop reliability that drives increased performance

We are committed to maintaining an open and honest working environment and we will not violate the trust that we have developed with our clients, business partners, vendors, and colleagues.  We conduct business in a manner that maintains the excellent reputation that we enjoy and have worked so hard to achieve. We will work diligently together and with others to achieve the objectives of the team in a manner that reinforces the merits of the team. And once agreed to, we will perform all that is necessary, and to the fullest extent possible, in order to achieve desired results.

Looking ahead, I am excited about our team, our strategic plan, our partners, and the opportunities that await us. As we grow, our clients will benefit from our expanded capabilities; our employees will benefit from the career opportunities that will be afforded to them; and the community will benefit from our enhanced ability to give back.

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William Burgess

William Burgess
Chief Executive Officer
SigNet Technologies, Inc.