SigNet Technologies, Inc. (SigNet) is an information technology company that is focused on the physical security needs of our clients. We have extensive experience in deploying the full spectrum of systems and equipment, and a long track record of successfully completing hundreds of programs and projects for both government and commercial clients.

SigNet is a leader in the design, integration, installation, maintenance and operation of technically-complex integrated physical security management systems. We have the ability to support the entire life-cycle of these programs and projects—from security analyses, engineering and design, through installation, operation and maintenance. One of our biggest discriminators is the use of in-house personnel and resources for the majority of our projects and programs.

Our staff includes engineers and technicians that are experts in network design and implementation and experts on virtually every leading electronic security system/product on the market today. Our knowledge of both networking and physical security allow SigNet to work with your IT personnel on the impact of an IP-based physical security system or properly design and implement a network for IP-based physical security technologies.